Play love! Shortfilm Production

The weekend we have finished Play love!, our next short film, which was supported by the Hungarian Film Fund. Thanks to the hard work of the entire crew and cast! Special thanks to Budapest Film Academy, and ELTE!

A young girl and a young boy living with great love. They make each other bearable misery and poverty that they play in our life. One day, however, the game ends and they must increase.

Screenplay by Éva Héder
Producer: Éva Héder, and Ungvár Tibor
Director: Bianka Nagy
1st Assistant Director: Tibor Ungvár
DOP: István Csernátoni, Jano Monlar, Márk Grátz, Gabriella Rácz
Sound: Géza Tóth, Péter Koncz
Script supervisor: Dalma Kiss
Production manager: Attila Forgács
Werk: Zsófia Gábor

Ági: Patrícia Csizmadia
Tomi: Béla Dóra
Zsófi: Katalin Piti

The werkphotos here, Play love! Filming,16-17, July, 2016,
Photo's by Zsófia Gábor