• Ungvár Tibor director, producer

    I’m a student of the Budapest Film Academy where I attend the directing and the editing-sound engineering classes.

    About my professional life; I have my own catering company in Hungary, we have fast food restaurants in Budapest. I originally graduated as a chef in 1991 from the Maglódi úti Catering School.
    In my freetime, I like taking pictures and making videos about my life experiences, my family, my friends and about my travels. I play tennis for many years. I also enjoy painting pictures.
    The Birdeatress is my first film. The Birdeatress is my first film that I am really proud of. Even thought we filmed it without any financial contribution/help we made it with joy, putting our heart and soul in it.
    I look forward to shooting our newest short movie.

    Hungarian, English

    Owner of a catering business - 1995 - Present
    Chef of Daniel’s Restaurant in Szentendre - 1992 - 1995

    tranquility, physiognomist, creativity, visuality, optimism, thruthfulness

    Budapest Film Academy - Directing, editing, sound-engineering - 2012 - Present
    Maglódi úti Catering School - Chef - 1989-1991

  • Héder Éva writer, director assistant

    I’m a student of the Budapest Film Academy. I attend the screenwriting and the editing-sound engineering class. I graduated as a dietitian from the Semmelweis University in 2011, and as a personal trainer, and aerobic instructor from the Fitness Company Trainer School in 2004. Since that, I have my own sport and lifestyle business in Hungary. My company’s name is Fat Free Diet Center. (www.fatfree.hu). I and my colleagues help people who want to lose weight, with healthy diet, and easy fitness trainings. I’m also a teacher of the Fitness Company Trainer School for many years.
    Before my dietitian work, I worked as a journalist, as after graduating from high-school I got a degree as a journalist from the Bálint György Journalist Academy at Budapest. I was the editor of some Hungarian woman’s magazines as well. Since my teens, I adore writing, I have been writing poems, short novels, and articles. In the last year, after my painful divorce, I applied to the Budapest Film Academy. My first writing class reminded me of a novel of Samantha Schweblin, which I have read many years ago.
    On this evening, I started to write the screenplay of The Birdeatress, my first movie.
    Our first movie’s shooting was one of the most beautiful and exciting period of my life.
    Now, I’m writing a new screenplay.
    In my free-time, I do sports, ride the bicycle, enjoy running or skiing. I also love writing and watching movies.


    Editor, and journalist at Tina Magazine - September 2003 - July 2004 (11 months)

    Editor and journalist at Fittinfo magazine - February 2002 - August 2002 (7 months)
    First editor at Cash Flow magazine - June 1999 - February 2002 (2 years 9 months)

    Hungarian and English, some French

    Skills & Expertise
    Creativity, loyalty, optimism, ideality, mindfulness, open to learning and experiencing new things. I’m a good motivator, and maybe a good boss.

    Budapest Film Academy - Screenwriting, editing, sound-engineering - 2012 - PresentSemmelweis University - Dietetian, 2007 - 2011
    Fitness Company - Aerobic trainer, 2001 - 2002, Personal trainer: 2002-2004
    MÚOSZ Bálint György Journalist Academy - Journalist, 1996 - 1997