Listen to me! Shortfilm

The story is about a desperate, drunk young girl who unburdens her heart in a moving speech to a mother from a telephone booth. Her talk enlightens the mother and makes her realise about her life and mistakes. Screenplay by Éva Héder.
Based on the short novel of Christie Craig: The call that came at midnight. 
First, thanks to the excellent actresses, Anna Kereki, and Bea Melkvi, and our perfect actor, Kornél Simon. Special thanks to our youngest actress, Bernadett Virág Buzogány, and her mother, Brigitta Dr. Nagy.
Thanks to the director, Tibor Ungvár, to the production manager, Lilla Timári, thanks to the production assistants, Orsolya Cseh, and Kornélia Takács, thanks to the DOP, István Mezei, and Csaba Polgár Szent-Ivány, thanks to the sound engineer, Géza Tóth, and his team, Peter Koncz, and Dóra Zocskár, to the conductor gaffer, Márk Mátraházi, and our best boy's, Jano Monlar, and David Zsoldos, to the werk photographer, Zsolt Kubala, thanks to the script supervisors, Bianka Szelestey, Annamária Füredi, thanks to stunt driver, Nikolett Szántó, and her coordinator, Tamás Vajland, to the drone operator, Bálint Merán, thanks to makeup girl, Bernadett Ditrói
Thanks to the director of the Budapest Film Academy, Jenő Hódi.
Now, we started the post productions of our best short movie for ever!


Listen to me! Werk 2016 02.27-28.

How it was made...

Listen to me! 1. Shooting day, Balatonaliga

Listen to me! 2. Shooting day, Budapest